Allow me to introduce myself....

My name is Matt Kuhlman and I'm about
to help you get into the best shape of
your life. If you don't believe me yet,
that's OK. All you have to do is work out
with me one time and I'll quickly change
your mind. Our relationship will be love/
hate at first. You'll hate me while you're
working out, but you'll love me when you
finally get to fit into those "skinny" jeans
again :)

Training isn't just a job, or a hobby for
me, this is my passion. If you tell me your
goal, whether it's to lose weight, build
muscle, tone up, or get faster, your goal
now becomes my goal, and I will do
everything in my power to help you
achieve that goal. The fitness industry
has become so cluttered with "magic"
exercises, pills, diets, and programs, that
it's easy to get confused about the best
way to get in shape. The truth is, there is
no "magic" and getting in shape takes
time and effort. With my unique methods
of training, I'll make working out more fun
and effective than you've ever
experienced before.

Check out the
videos and testimonials
from satisfied clients, some of whom
have already lost over 90 lbs and 20%
body fat. So get ready to work, but also
get ready to have more fun than you ever
imagined you could have in a workout.
Get ready to move your body in every
possible way imaginable, and burn
calories from uncontrollable laughter. Get
ready to experience something new,
something exciting, and find out why
losing weight and having fun don't have
to be mutually exclusive.

And above all else, get ready to get in
the best shape of your life
About Us
Hello!!  My name is Ben Burke.  I live in
Lake in the Hills, IL and have been a
Personal Trainer for over 6 years and
counting.  I've worked at the big gyms in
Chicago, but have not found a place I am
truly happy at.  Most gyms have the
hassle of meeting sales quotas and
basically, you are just a number to them.  
I am not a salesman...  I am a Personal
Trainer who truly cares about the health
and wellness of everyone I train.  After
becoming introduced to the Sweatshop, I
can now focus purely on training and
doing what I am passionate about.

I have been an athlete for my whole life.  
My main sport is Baseball, which I played
through two years of college.  I currently
play on a compet
itive travel softball team
and I enjoy the camaraderie and
competition that it brings into my life.  I
find passion in overcoming obstacles and
challenging yourself each and every day.
 With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology,
I realize that over 50% of sports and
fitness is mental.  We all need to make
the decisions to become healthy and
remain in that state of mind.  It is much
harder to maintain and move forward
then to give up and fall backwards.  It is
our job to keep you heading in the right
direction and motivating you to your
success.  It makes me very proud when I
know that I have helped someone
achieve something they never thought
they could before.  We are one big team
at the Sweatshop!! Take advantage and
don't give up on something you know will
make you feel so much better inside and

After becoming a team member at the
Sweatshop, I didn't know how well I
would be accepted.  I wanted to say
thank you to Matt and all of the members
for accepting me.  I was given this
opportunity at the perfect time and can
only see things becoming bigger and
brighter.  Matt and I have a great
dynamic and it's such a fun atmosphere.  
Ultimately, let's have a great time, lose
some weight and get in the best shape of
OUR lives!!  
Matt Kuhlman
Owner/ Trainer
Weight loss and body transformation expert
Ben Burke