When the same old workouts have become stale…
When exercise has become a chore…
When you’re ready to give up on yourself…

Do you want to keep wasting your money on
big, expensive health clubs that could
care less if you ever see results?

If you’re looking for something a little more personal.
Something new, something different, a workout that actually works, isn’t boring,
and is affordable…

If you’re looking to lose weight, blast fat, and get stronger, while having the
most fun that you’ve ever had while working out…

If you’re finally ready to put yourself first for once, and take control of your life…

It’s time to try something completely new.


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The Sweatshop is located in Buffalo Grove, a Northwest suburb of Chicago. The Sweatshop was voted best place to workout in Buffalo Grove two years in a row (Buffalo Grove Patch); and is the most affordable, effective and fun way to get into shape.

Offering both group training and Sweatcamp classes for all ages, and all levels of physical fitness with no appointments necessary! Whether you’re 5 years old or 95 years old, we make working out an experience that you’ll never forget.

The Sweatshop is a team, a workout community where you’re not alone, and our success is only measured by your success.

Our Total Wellness program incorporates both the mind and the body, led by a Licensed Clinical Wellness Counselor and a Certified Nutrition Consultant who work together to support you in your path to success.

We specialize in weight loss and we get real results: people who have worked out with us have lost as much as 200 pounds, over 35% body fat, and are in the best shape of their lives.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out our client testimonials.

Get ready to experience the most fun, unique and effective workouts that you’ve ever seen. We don’t just as seen on TVtalk about it, let us show you what we’ve been doing. Check out our videos.


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The Sweatshop is about to change the way You're Going To Sweat! that you workout FOREVER!!